I go through these phases with Pinterest. I make up all sorts of different storyboards and go to the trouble of actually pinning things that I like from actual websites (not repinning) and then? I promptly forget about all of it.

When we first moved to Florida, I knew we’d be buying a house within a year, so I started several different storyboards for how I wanted to change the decor and color scheme in our new home. How I wanted to dress up our outdoor living space. How I wanted to set up my new workspace. Etc Etc Etc.

Then, I forgot that I even did any of that. Curated these lovely boards full of inspiration.

Now that we’re under contract for a new home, people ask how we’re going to decorate. Are we going to paint? Buy new furniture? What colors? You know what I reply with? I reply with a big “I dunno.”

I dunno???

I spent so much time slapping together these perfect storyboards to respond with I dunno. I had these perfect ideas in my head and now that we actually have a blank canvas to work from, I’m stumped!

Well, not really stumped. I finally remembered how much time I put into researching color palettes we liked. Possible furniture ideas. New paint colors. Curtains.

And now Pinterest is my internet wormhole again.

Sigh. So long productivity!



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