We bought a house

Yup. The title says it all. We’re currently under contract to purchase our next house. Husband and I hooked up with a Realtor a few weeks ago to start the house search. We looked at about 12 homes in a weekend and I was really dismayed with the options. Not only were some of these homes in serious need of upgrading (popcorn ceilings anyone?), but I have to say, many people really do not keep a tidy house. Sorry, it’s true.

Tip: If you’re trying to sell your home, please do not leave a bucket of putrid looking mopping water in your laundry room. This will turn people off. Not to mention turn their stomachs. Get rid of that shit, yo!

After having an interesting weekend of looking, I was a bit dismayed, but excited about the prospects of homes coming in the market. It’s Spring! People are listing homes left and right! We’ll find something!

Then that something came on the market in the middle of the week. Our Realtor sent us an MLS listing for a newly listed home. Husband and I went through the listing, analyzed the pictures and were chomping at the bit to get in to see it. Our Realtor made an appointment for one day out. I said no. We need to see this house NOW. Not tomorrow, but NOW.

On paper, the house looked perfect. Had everything we wanted. Excellent location. Needed some minor upgrading, but nothing we couldn’t handle down the road.

So, our Realtor was kind enough to oblige and get us in ASAP.

I was giddy with excitement on our drive over. We couldn’t wait to see it.

ANNNNND we walked in and it felt like home. You know that feeling. Total peace and warmth.

It was perfect. The floor plan made sense. It had the extra space we wanted. Cozy rooms. A work nook. A cabana bath. A pool. A three car garage for the husband.

We immediately put in an offer only to find out we were one of three offers and we had to bring our best to the table.

We offered what we felt was fair, with a few contingencies.

They asked for highest and best offer. We stuck to our guns.

We lost the bidding war.

But it was OK!! What we offered was fair. It was what we were comfortable with. We weren’t interested in raising our bid out of our comfort zone just to win. It just wasn’t meant to be. That was all. Back to the drawing board. Surely there was another home out there for us.

Then it happened. The following day we received a call from our Realtor explaining that the accepted offer fell through and would we still be interested in submitting our offer again.


We made a few tweaks to our offer. They countered. We countered back. And lo and behold they accepted! And we had a fully executed offer! HOLY SHIT WE WON!

That was about a week ago. We’re currently buried under mortgage, inspection, insurance and utility paperwork. ย And we couldn’t be happier about it. Really. We’re on cloud nine.

I can’t wait to share pictures of our new home with you. But, because I’m a bit superstitious, I won’t share them now. Once we close and I have the keys in my hand and we can call it ours, pictures will be plastered all up in here!

I’m excited to share our new home journey with everyone. From new paint, to updated counter tops, to the new sealed floor my husband wants to put down in the garage (sigh!).

Stick around!

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