Sharing the Love

It doesn’t take much to make someone smile. Or tell them that they’re appreciated.

I e-mailed a co-worker today to thank her for bearing with me and guiding me along on a project that I really don’t like working on. I’ve been sort of exasperated by the whole thing and may have been short with her.

These issues are my issues. Not hers, and I wanted her to know that I appreciate her patience and guidance.

My gratefulness may not come through in my day-to-day emails and I think it’s important to stop and recognize someone who is helping you with a simple “Thank You”. That may not seem like a lot, but it could make a huge difference in that persons day.

Mind you, I’m not always the “go out of my way to thank someone for doing their job” type of person. Sometimes I want to yell a big FUCK YOU….but you know, I try to call it as I see it. Reward patience and kindness. And try to keep it real. šŸ™‚

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