Disney Princess Marathon Weekend – An Exercise in Insanity

I belong to a wonderful community of women right here on the Internets.They’re kind, supportive and are AWESOME at helping each other reach goals.

Back story:

About a year and a half ago I was left without a gym to attend because of a fire. I decided at that point to take up running until the gym was back to normal. At least I was doing something, right? I was super hesitant to take up running because…well…I hate it. I really don’t like it. Didn’t want to do it, didn’t want to deal with shin splints or wonky feeling legs. Didn’t want to struggle with a water bottle and where to put my iPhone.

But you know what? And this even surprised me….after awhile, I found myself actually craving a run. If I couldn’t go on one for a few days, I missed it! I needed that extra release that a run would give me.

So, I kept going even though I added some different things (boot camp) into my fitness routine.  I even signed up for a few races! And I’ll tell you, there’s nothing like crossing that finish line and making your goal. Absolutely nothing.

Back to now:

Oh yeah, my awesome internet friends! We’ve all decided to sign up for the Disney Princess Marathon Weekend in February of 2014. One or two are just doing the 10k, which is very wise. A handful of us are doing the Glass Slipper Challenge which consists of a 10k one day, then the following day will be the Half Marathon.

Say what?

Yeah, you read that right. Back to back races. At Disney. With Internet friends. Crazy, right?

Crazy like a fox, I tell ya!

However, I’m absolutely looking forward to this and am happy to have this goal on my calendar. I’ll do my best to get sufficient training in. If I walk some of it, so be it! I’ll get to admire the lovely Disney property along the way.

Beer me strength? Or just beer me at the end of the marathon. I’ll need it.